Device Access Settings

Device Access Settings locks hearing aid fitting data to prevent unauthorized users from making any modifications and unlocks hearing aids that are locked. A four digit Hearing Aid Lock Code Key must be identified first via General Preferences in order to lock the hearing aid(s). When a locked hearing aid(s) is later connected, if the four digit code doesn't match the code in General Preferences, it must be entered to unlock the aid before it can be read and adjustments made. Once the locked hearing aid(s) is read, it's automatically unlocked and must be locked again if desired. This feature is available for all products except Xino Classic, Zōn, and Destiny.


If fitting binaurally, both ear sides will be locked or unlocked; ear sides cannot be selected independently. If a hearing aid has been locked, a Alert displays to the right of Fitting on the Left Navigation Menu.

  1. Connect and select the desired hearing aid(s) to lock or unlock via Get Started.
  2. Click on the Read Device Settings or Load a Previous Session radio button and then click Start.

  3. Click Tools from the Menu Bar.
  4. Click Device Access Settings.
  5. Lock or unlock the hearing aid(s).
  6. Click OK.