SurfLink Mobile
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SurfLink Mobile Firmware
Update Instructions

  1. Click on the "Download SurfLink Mobile Firmware Update" link below. This will initiate the download. You may have to choose a location on your computer to download the file to, and once you do, the file will begin downloading. Some browsers let you choose the computer location for the download, others automatically choose it for you.
  2. Download times will be dependent on your computer and Internet connection speed. Make sure your computer will have uninterrupted time to complete the download.
  3. Make sure the SurfLink Mobile is turned off and not yet connected to your computer.
  4. Open the computer location that you chose in Step 1 (or was automatically chosen) and double-click on the SurfLinkMobileUpdate2000.exe file. This will launch the update software.
  5. Follow the prompts to update the SurfLink Mobile firmware.

» About This Update PDF

» Operations Manual

» Download SurfLink Mobile Firmware Update
NOTE: This update is for PCs only.

» Firmware Updater Guide

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